Wedding Photo Gallery

It's Your Wedding Day

Creating images you envision of your special day is a collaborative endeavor when you work with Kevin Seifert wedding photography.  We bring all the equipment and expertise to make photos that will have you reliving you wedding day again and again.  I will collaborate with you to make the photography encompass what is most important to you.  What do you want?  Do you expect candids of your family and friends partying?  Do you hope for photos of your grandmother quieting playing with the ring bearer?  Do you want to devote a large chunk of time to formal group photos?  Would you rather keep formal group portrait time to the minimum and make your wedding the ultimate in documentary storytelling where the emotions are high, the action is fast and the memories are everlasting.

Together we can make the photography unmistakably yours. I will bring the equipment and experience we'll need for both documentary and portrait photography.  If you will contribute your expectations, we will have photos of your special day as you want to remember it.

Kevin Seifert Wedding Photography specializes in capturing the memories of your special day. From engagement sessions, to your big wedding day, my knowledge and expertise allows me to capture your special, intimate moments. Please have a look at my wedding gallery to see the memories I have preserved for others.

Wedding Photo Gallery

View the wedding photo gallery and see the stories I've captured with my camera.